Saturday, November 17, 2012

"Nam Rob" Takeover

So I first met Rob at my PST, he showed up in his dirty Namibian hat and was brutally honest with us, a little too honest for Peace Corps liking, but me and my entire group were glad that somebody was telling us what life in Namibia was actually like. He was pretty much brutally honest all the time. "Nam Rob" had soon become his name because there was a new Rob in country, me. We got along great with constant Rob compliments because Robs are, in fact, awesome. My experience here would not have been the same with out Rob and that is definitely true. He is a great kind of guy and always up for some kind of adventure. He was some one I could confide in and always ready to "learn" me something new. One of the highlights of my time here is when he came to Gobabis, where I live in Namibia, because the water was shut down in his town, we did a Power hour that went terribly wrong, home made pizza, wiffle ball, Pentatonic E scales, and talked a little bit about our how we got to be who we are today. If you know "Nam Rob" you are lucky and it is an honor to take over the name and the blog. I guess I will explain more of who I am next time but for now I am hiking out to Rundu for Thanks and Giving and have to get out early. Until then...

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